Applying to open jobs on Wishu is super simple. Follow this checklist to ensure you have everything covered before pressing that ‘apply’ button:

  • Make sure your profile is 100% complete (including ID-Verified, amazing portfolio posts, and a great About Me descriptions
  • Make sure your portfolio is built like case studies
  • Familiarise yourself with the Wishu Chat

Case studies

If someone scrolls through your case study and only reads the little 1–2 sentence captions, they should still understand your project. Focus on the captions first, and then fill in any lengthier content.

It all depends on your personal style and you don’t need to literally copy/paste this format, but your case study should loosely follow this outline or provide this information:

  • Name of client, what they do & their location
  • Goal for the project
  • Your experience
  • The outcome

Communication method

Familiarise yourself with the Wishu Chat or any other communication method you and the client set with.

What’s next?

When you apply to a listing, you have an option to send an Introductory message. This message is very important as it puts you in direct contact with the client. You should spend some time constructing your introductory message, think of it as your more compressed cover letter.

Scripting your messages to the client

A Message of Introduction (MOI) is a message you write to potential clients as a brief introduction to your interest in the job position on Wishu. And [this is the important bit], the MOI needs to explain how what you offer may be able to help them more than anyone else.

What does an MOI need to contain?

  • Brief description of your background/skills/experience
  • Very important that you only include what is relevant to the particular client
  • You want the message to be approachable, interested and not sales-y.

Download a copy of the guide

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