The Go-To Guide to Building Your Business Profile on Tiktok

Everybody’s talking about it and it has grown miles from its 2019 teen dance phase.

TikTok has almost 2 billion downloads – that’s about a quarter of the world’s population. So, how exactly can you build a brand on TikTok and the most of this algorithm everyone is jumping on? From educational videos to beauty transitions, there are many ways to use TikTok for your business or personal brand. We are here to help you out…

Step 1: Get to know the space

In order to thrive on TikTok, you need to learn its language and familiarise yourself with its culture. Approach a new social media platform the same way you would approach working in a different country. If you don’t know the customs, can’t grasp the language or understand the ways they work, you’re unlikely to find success. The same goes for TikTok especially because it moves so fast. The top trend of last week but one might have died by the time you have posted it and therefore the algorithm won’t favour you. So get to know what and who is popular before you jump on the bandwagon. 

Step 2: Use the saved folder

Following on from familiarising yourself, making the most out of the ‘add to favourites’ button will be your best friend. Try scrolling through the app for 20 minutes a day. When you find an inspiring account your business could follow in the footsteps of, save their video to your favourites folder. The same goes for trends that would work well with your brand. Try to recreate the trend within 24-48hr (so that your post will be fresh). The favourites folder is a great way to store content ideas which is often the hardest part – alongside consistent posting – when it comes to how to navigate TikTok. 

Step 3: Know your Niche

When saving videos and accounts to your favourites folder, make sure they align with or have relevance to your niche. TikTok loves repetition and the more of the same thing the better. For example, if you’re a design account, try to stick to design videos or videos about design. Follow people who will have similar audiences to you and mimic the content they’re posting but with your own flair. Also, by focusing on a niche topic, you’ll have more flexibility to be creative, have fun, and find a gap for your business to make an impact.

Step 4: Decide and Plan When and How Often You’ll Post

Right now the magic number is 2-3 times a day. I know it sounds like a lot and sometimes it may feel overwhelming, especially at the beginning when you’re still getting to grasps with video creation. However, a good strategy for the start would be ​​rather than post 3 times a day, become overwhelmed, and then not post for months, start with 3-5 times a week and work your way up from there. The great thing about TikTok is you can pivot and experiment when necessary — all your audience cares about is that the content is still inspirational, engaging, entertaining, or helpful to them.

Step 5: Don’t Be Glossy, it isn’t Instagram

Where Instagram is now all about curated, editorial, perfect content, TikTok is favoured because of its messy, real and authentic approach. Hence why up and coming artists often have larger TikTok followings than major and established artists. The youth element of the platform favours humble beginnings. This is great because it means you can be yourself, have fun, and not take yourself too seriously. It also requires next to no budget! Maybe invest in a lightstand to film in the dark and ensure good lighting.

Step 6: Trends and Challenges are your Friends

TikTok is known for its incredible reach and the ability to go viral overnight. So why not create or sponsor a TikTok challenge? Challenges are a great way for brands to fast-track their growth and reach millions of users. The same goes for trending sounds – use them and weave your niche into the narrative. 

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