Film festival CineCov launches this summer to coincide with Coventry’s City of Culture programme of events. The focus for its branding? The essence of cinema. 

After a year without cinema-going, CineCov is a refreshingly nostalgic event with over 150 pop-up screenings being set up all over the city. It will take place over the next year in parks, churches, community centres and the likes. 

When it came to the branding, Justin Hallstron, senior designer at Wieden+Kennedy, took lead. The studio’s funding commitment was motivated by its desire to establish CineCov as “a permanent fixture of Coventry’s cultural scene”.

Central to the logo is the idea of movement, particularly, moving image. The circular shapes nod to lenses and the curved edges to projectors. The spacing between bold shapes means in practice they work as a device that can be used to reveal and frame content. 

Hallstron also notes that the colouring of the logo was inspired by Coventry itself – grey and neutral with a film noir mystere. Coventry is also famous for its brutalist architecture which Hallstron states offered “a strong visual starting point”. 

The events will range from small pop-up screenings to bigger outdoor events – some of which may take over bigger spaces for a longer period where W+L can really scale up and create environmental graphics. 

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