Let’s take a step back and look at the historical evolution of the sector.

Web1: Information Economy = Few creators → Just consumers. 

Eventually, Web2 opened the opportunity for every single user to create content for the first time.

Web2: The Platform Economy = Creators: Bloggers → Brand representatives.

As people started gravitating to the internet, Web2 saw the rise of the “influencer,” people who started blogging and gradually amassing significant fame and online audiences on platforms such as MySpace, Blogger, Soundcloud and Vinyl.

This led to a power imbalance between platforms and creators in Web2. Creators became reliant on platforms who were the new de facto gatekeepers of the internet.

Web3: The Ownership Economy = Creators + Audiences → New fairer ecosystems

Today, the definition of creator has been changing with the rise of Web3 as power dynamics shift from the platforms to the creators and their communities.

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