For those unfamiliar, The Filmoteca Española is an institution, responsible for promoting and preserving Spain’s cinematographic heritage. Recently, the institution called for a redesign as a means to connect with the younger generation while still preserving the rich cultural heritage of Spanish cinema. 

Madrid-based design agency Knom was called on to create contemporary visual codes. A visual system that both respected the essence of the institution whilst aiming to take its communications one step further was the goal. The agency then developed this concept of “the cinema that moves you,” and sought to demonstrate the Filmoteca Española’s diverse variety of work and its efforts in the promotion of culture and cinema in Spain. One element that demonstrates this is the diversity in the colour palette chosen from medium blues to pastel pinks, bright mustard yellows and Almodovar reds. 

The logo was also updated with more of a sense of uniformity and character. The former and familiar typographic treatment was replaced for a bolder and taller sans-serif, which the team believe gives a more contemporary and functional choice for reproduction in all media.

“We were mainly inspired by film negatives and the way they move during the projection,” explain Knom’s design team of the inspiration for their reimagining. “We brought this characteristic movement into the identity by vertically repeating and offsetting the design elements in the communication pieces.” The new branding lives across digital assets, marketing assets, merchandise, print and OOH.

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