Many studies have shown that working, and particularly creating, to music can increase productivity and decrease anxiety or creative block. From Spanish flamenco and 90s Soul to Japanese Jazz and Deep House, Wishu has put together a list of playlists for you to design to.

Chill Lo-fi Hip-Hop Beats by LoFi Sad Boy

This playlist is the epitome of chill, relaxed and mellow and will create the perfect anxiety-free setting in which you’re free to create. Lofi beats are great to work to because of their use of loops and riffs which are repetitive but cyclic so you’re mind is able to wander and yet return to its place of creation over and over again.

CBS: Japanese Jazz from ’70s Vinyl Set by My Analog Journel

Perfect for an evening session of creativity, this mix takes your soul to a sensual Tokyo bar. Featuring the works of ​​Ryo Fukui, Takao Naoi, Hiroshi Suzuki rediscover Japanese versions of American jazz classics as well as original Japanese jazz compositions from the 70s. My personal favourite element is the piano improvisation.

Aesthetic Spanish songs (full playlist) by Rehina Reyna

Featuring music by rapper and flamenco C Tangana and Dominican artist Yendry, transport yourself to the balcony of an old colonial building with an espresso in hand and a paintbrush in the other. The shakers carry your brain into a creative flow and warm, passionate voices excite the creative passions in your soul.

NEO SOUL HITS […] and more by Soul Music

If you’re a 90s nostalgia aficionado with a love for soul and hip hop this mix and a cup of joe are all you need to get your creative morning juices flowing. Soul Music features the caramel-like voices and calm-carrying beats of Lauryn Hill, Mos Def, Erykah Badu and more.

House & Deep House classics vinyl mix by Chris Luno

The most upbeat mix on the list. Luno mixes the sounds of Ian Pooley, Chris Penn and more to bring you an upbeat and loop-like hour mix. If you’re someone who tends to stand a lot while working this ideal to groove your hips to as you let the ideas flow.

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