The Best Planner Money Can Buy: Freelancer Edition


As a freelancer, we needn’t remind you that staying on top of things is crucial when getting things done. Most of us are juggling seemingly endless tasks, appointments, reminders, and thoughts on any given day, and keeping track of them all inside your one mind is simply too much to ask.

The act of writing down our to-dos can feel so gratifying and bring us a great sense of accomplishment. Some prefer to do so via a planner which is essentially a diary for to-dos. Others prefer to journal their feelings as a way of recording their career progress. Today, we are looking at Personality Planners which blend the two together. Unlike a regular journal where you track your thoughts, feelings, and reflections, a productivity personal planner supports you as you get work done and pursue your goals.

For this reason, Wishu has put together a list of some of the best personality planners on the market to help us keep our lives in order.


The Self-Care Planner by Simple Self

This planner prioritizes your mental health with a psychology-based six-step self-care plan. This planner works as a habit tracker, wellness planner, gratitude journal, and to-do list maker. In addition to daily and weekly scheduling pages, the planner includes a self-care map, vision board, goal planner, and more. Say hello to your best self!

The Self-Care Planner
The Self-Care Planner

JSTORY Large Personal Wide Spaces Weekly Planner

This bright pink planner is your simple, no strings attached weekly planner which presents initials for each day. A ‘let’s get shit done’ approach to organisation. 

The Panda Planner Pro

An ideal planner for those wanting to check in on themselves and their progress on a frequent, measurely basis. The six-month planner has separate daily, weekly, and monthly sections that have space for you to write down your schedule, priorities, and goals. 

Productivity Planner

For the overwhelmed freelancers among us, this planner challenges you to identify your priorities by jotting down your most important tasks to focus on. You can also rate your daily productivity to better understand your habits and become more efficient. Plus, motivational quotes sprinkled throughout will encourage you to keep going—even when your to-do list feels daunting.

My PA Planner

As the name suggests, this planner is a personal assistant for every aspect of your life both professional and personal. Perfect for anyone looking to redefine their lives, the stand-out aspect of this planner is the in-depth goal-setter that makes you dig deep into your mission and vision and review your progress along the way.

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