Freelancing is growing massively amid covid-19, seeing the biggest surge in freelancers since the financial banking crisis. More and more creative companies (agencies, production companies and other companies) see the benefit of hiring professional freelancers. These creatives bring the company and the project(s) fresh ideas, creativity and innovative thinking. We wanted to provide you with a list of the top job boards, where you can post your creative projects, and have the most creative and professional freelancers applying to them. Check out the list below!


A creative marketplace for creative agencies and companies to discover, hire and manage Top UK’s creative freelancers. Not only you can find creative freelance opportunities but also access a resource hub and a creative community. It’s free to post on Wishu.

Wishu - Creative Job Board
Wishu – Creative Project Management Tool & Creative Job Board


If you’re looking to hire a more long-term contract freelancer or an intern Behance has a great job board that provides you with global based creatives.

Behance – Creative Portfolios & Jobs

If You Could Jobs

If You Could provides you with a job board to list any level or term creatives. Prices start from £75 to £832.

If You Could Jobs - Creative Job Board
If You Could Jobs – Creative Jobs & Creative Opportunities
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