The Best Film Posters of the Year: 2021

Despite the many obstacles it’s had to face again this year, the cinema industry really has overcome most of the challenges.

It seems as if 2021 has been producing huge hits, ones that promote diversity, female narratives and weave themselves in with other industries from fashion to sport. Think House of Gucci, Eternals, The French Dispatch, King Richard, Spencer, and the latest Bond…we want escapism and the industry is letting us eat it up!

Here are some of our favourite film posters of the year

Spencer: This Time Tomorrow

This poster of Kirsten Stewart as Princess Diana burying her head and torso in a gorgeous taffeta gown looks more like an exhibition advertisement than a film poster. That’s precisely why we love it. Chilean director Pablo Larrain is at his best when mixing cinema with fashion and female narratives – take his previous successful biopic Jackie, for instance. The challenge design agency This Time Tomorrow faces was not producing an image that would look like an advert for the next season of The Crown. This photographic, ambiguous yet clever choice of iconic imagery was a perfect choice. 

C’mon C’mon: Mike Mills

Few films would benefit from the simplicity and frolickry of unadorned promotional studio shots (although imagine if Lamb had tried it), but this trio of minimalist posters perfectly captures the goofing-about, uncle-nephew energy of Mike Mills’ film. Refreshingly simple and joyous.

Stanleyville; Design: Aleksander Walijewski

This Polish film poster art (originating in the Communist era, when film distributors were unable to get hold of official publicity material), truly nods to the surrealist period of the 1920s and 30s which also challenged issues surrounding censorship and freedom of expression. Aleksander Walijewski has been producing some incredible, uncanny portraits in recent years – most recently this eerie treatment for Maxwell McCabe-Lokos’s Stanleyville.

Promising Young Woman: Art Machine

Just like the film’s narrative, this poster is a feminist reclamation of pin-up culture. With a nod to Rocky Horror which of course sexual freedom and power, this poster is eyecatching whether in print in digital.

Shiva Baby: High Council

“Shiva Baby” is one of the year’s most impressive directorial debuts, and this poster for the indie is flatout genius. Leading star Rachel Sennott is front and centre wearing a dress made up of cream cheese and bagels, a laugh-out-loud nod to the Jewish anxiety and neurosis that fuels everything about this skin-crawling and claustrophobic drama.

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