As creative freelancers, we have to take on a multitude of roles so having a collection of tools at hand to speed up the creative and admin processes is always welcomed. Here is a list of our favourite Chrome extension tools right now. 


Timewarp offers a way to rid yourself of distracting web destinations. Use their simple interface to set up what they call “Wormholes”. You can configure these to either redirect you to a more productive website of your choosing when you attempt to go to a time-sucking site like Instagram or Youtube or you can simply time how long you spend there so that you can guilt yourself about it later.


Noisli is one of the most elegant white noise generators we’ve ever used. Using a simple click interface you can choose from a number of sounds like White Noise, Rain, Forest, Train, Fireplace and more. You can play multiple sounds simultaneously, like Rain and Train and then save that custom soundscape for later playback. Right from the extension, you can choose your saved combo “Rainy Night Express” and play it indefinitely or on a timer.


Papier replicates the paper and pen experience digitally in a Chrome browser tab. It’s about as simple a note-taking app as you’re ever likely to find. After installing the extension all you need to do is open a new tab and you have a notepad. You can type directly onto the browser window and anything you type is immediately saved. You’ll see all your previous notes together on one page. With Papier you’ll never lose a great idea again.*

Google Keep

Google Keep is an extremely robust note-taking web app with an elegant, lightweight interface. The Chrome extension extends its capabilities even further. You can generate a note instantly from your current web page, a web image or any text selection. You can add labels and comments to these notes and send them directly to your Google Keep archive. If you do a lot of research online this can be extremely useful. If you find a bit of text or an image you need to remember, the Google Keep extension lets you add it to Google Keep with just a few clicks.


Pocket is an app designed to collect web content for later viewing. The Save to Pocket extension lets you send any web page you like to your Pocket account with one click. You can even send a link without ever clicking through. Save to Pocket is also great for research. Use it to compile collections of related content as you work so that you can refer back to them later.


A digital personal assistant for Gmail, Boomerang makes sure your message arrives right when you think it’s most likely your client is sitting in front of their computer, which increases the chances of a speedy response. But in case they don’t get back to you, Boomerang also provides you with reminders to follow up with that person if it senses you don’t receive a response. 


Grammarly makes sure your emails, documents, and social media posts are easy to understand and error-free. If you’re writing on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, and nearly anywhere else, Grammarly will check your spelling so you remain looking professional even when you’re writing in a hurry.

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