The Best April Fools Day pranks from Brands in 2022

MADE.COM launches first ever ‘Grow-Your-Own Sofa

The design brand claims to have sold the ‘The Pivot Problem’ – with narrow doorways cited globally as one of the top reasons for returning a sofa.

So how does this ‘grow-your-own -sofa’ allegedly work?

Once safely in place, the sofa must be spritzed with clean water on a regular basis for 24 hours, until it gradually expands into a full-size sofa. There’s no need to pivot.

Deliveroo bans pineapple on pizza

Deliveroo appears to have taken a stand this April Fool’s Day, banning all pineapple pizzas from being ordered by customers.

Duolingo launches airline for learning languages mid-flight

The educational app has announced the establishment of a new airline that will assist travellers in learning languages while flying.

The image of a bright green plane emblazoned with the Duolingo owl, which somehow doesn’t feel real, gave away this clever prank.

However, the company says the launch is to celebrate Duolingo hitting 7 million learners on its Irish course, and Duolingo Air’s inaugural flight will be from London to Dublin, with more routes soon to be revealed.

Subway launches bread-scented room diffuser

It’s well-known that the smell of freshly-baked bread will seduce buyers when selling your home – and so today, April 1, Subway has announced a new gadget that will deliver the fragrance at the touch of a button.

The notes of a perfectly baked Hearty Italian Sub are captured in Subway’s ‘Eau de Dough’ room diffuser, according to the company. In less than 0.25 seconds, the cutting-edge device produces a mouth-watering, room-filling vapour.

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