This morning I had a great phone conversation with my friend who is a videographer from Brazil. We are planning some content to film together of some acoustic versions of my songs. He told me about a new A.I which essentially widens the frame without making it look as if it has been tampered with. 

Let’s say, for example, he videos me singing in front of a red background and we want to film it on an iPhone in 9:16 format to look high quality on Reels, TikTok and other short form platforms. If we then want to repurpose this video for YouTube, instead of refilming or decreasing quality we can use A.I to extend the format. Genius. 

It got me wanting to write about more A.I tools for YouTube creators. I researched and here is what I found. 


What it helps with: SEO. TubeBuddy integrates directly into YouTube’s website offering tools to help creators optimise their content for search engines, manage their channels and gain analytics insights.

Key features: a Keyword Explorer, Tag Suggestions, Best Time to Publish and a Thumbnail Generator. 


What it helps with: Allows users to edit media files the same way they would edit text. Instead of manually cutting and splicing together audio or video clips, users can transbcribve the files and edit them.

Key features: Social Clips, Screen Recording, Automatic Transcription, Podcasting, Voice Generation. 


What it helps with: Virtual avatars & Languages. Allows users to customise the appearance of a virtual person, what they say and what language they say it in

Key features: 130+ languages, 400+ voices, 120+ AI presenters, a screen recorder.


What it helps with: Makes short form content videos from long form content.

Key features: Branding, customisation, white-label your videos, automatic captions, extracting specific information. 


What it helps with: Writing content from YouTube videos. It can generate blog posts, articles, ad copy and more using a large langaueg model.

Key features: Automated SEO-optimised content 

GetWelder (Now

What it helps with: Record video and audio interviews. Easy to use and requires a few keywords or brief to get suggestions.

Key features: Local recording, separate audio, video tracks, live streaming. 


What it helps with: Offers natural sounding AI voices for YouTube videos. Using TTS you can adjust the pitch to make the voice more masculine or feminine.

Key features: 400+ voices, 100+ languages. 

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