Authenticity is at the top of the influencer marketing agenda. 

Nano influencers, defined by Brian Freeman (CEO of Hearbeat), are creators who are followed by their ‘circles of influence’ and not too many people beyond that.

 “Take somebody who’s got 1,300 followers or 2,400 followers and they’re 25 [years old]. Well, who are those followers? Their friends from high school, their friends from college, their young professional community”. 

Considered as someone who has around 1-10k followers on platforms such as Instagram, nano influencers are being leveraged as the latest trend for influencer marketing. And it’s one that makes plenty of sense. 

Here are some reasons why you should be using ‘nano influencers’ to enhance your marketing. 

Higher engagement rate 

Laur DeMartino is a full-time college student and part-time content creator. She has approximately 6,000 Instagram followers where she posts social media content sponsored by brands such as Lululemon and SeatGeek. She told Business Insider that she charges anywhere between a hundred and a few thousand dollars per deal. 

Take supermodel Kendall Jenner who amounts to nearly 200 million Instagram followers and charges six figures for sponsorship deals, yet receives an engagement rate of less than 3%. 


Nano influencers are a breath of fresh air when it comes to sponsored content. We all started reaching a point of fatigue seeing larger influencers reading off an ad copy for a video or copying and pasting the same old cliche captions. Nano influencers tend to be far more relatable, responsible and authentic to their audience who are able to respond to their audience faster and more likely than someone with a following of 100k. 

Brand advocacy 

Brands can often feel a little cautious with nano influencers, as there’s not much awareness of the reputation of the content creator. However now that this facet of influencer marketing has had enough years of maturing, brands know what kind of creators to look for that can advocate their values. It ties into authenticity, finding the right person is a must, rather than just looking at a follower count. If a person looks like your ideal customer type, then that’s your best bet. 

Easier recruitment and flexibility

Reaching out and recruiting nano influencers are an easier route, too! They are naturally much more receptive and flexible to working. Larger scale influencers often have a pre-set criteria prior to a deal being struck.

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