The 2022 Instagram Trend Report

For the very first time, Instagram has released a full report which acts as a guide to the upcoming trends, as defined by Gen-Z, that will shape culture in 2022.

From redefining how they approach education and the idea of a “career,” to maximalist fashion statements, these future-focused audiences are consistently creating the reality they want to live in.

Instagram is where these tastemakers are leading on the creation of culture, exploring new territories, and taking what already exists in unexpected directions.

Here are some of our most notable highlights. 

Maximalist Fashion 

After almost two years spent in sweats, Gen Z are exposing their most daring side when it comes to style. Club kid influences, 90s glam and Y2k club culture sit as references. 

Clean beauty

With the realism of TikTok and the growth in health and environmental awareness, young people are more mindful when it comes to what we put on our faces. 1 in 3 young people are interested in purchasing more ‘clean’ and organic beauty products. 

Digital Thrift Stores over Large Corporations

With the hashtag SustainableFashion growing in popularity, small, young people owned digital thrift stores are attracting more attention than the larger fast fashion sites such as Shein and ASOS. 27% expect to shop directly through Instagram and 23% expect to thrift more online. 

Short Form Video Redefines Music Discovery

Musical experiences are set to increase on non-traditional music platforms like Instagram. More music releases will have graphic components to them. 25% of teens expect to live stream concerts in 2022 and 24% of Instagram users are excited for the visual content that comes with an album. 

Online Creators have more power than Celebrities

4 in 5 young people believe that online creators have more influence on culture than traditional celebrities. This makes sense when you compare someone like Florence Pugh or Jennifer Lawrence to someone like Bretman Rock or Ricky Thompson. There are also of course traditional celebrities that are also online influencers and thus maintain that influence such as Bella Hadid or many musicians like Mahalia or Ariana Grande. 

Careers are being assessed

68% say that work is “something I have to do” and not something that will define or consume them. 90% of Gen Z say that the best experience comes from the real world and 63% agree that the pandemic has made them assess their career goals. Interesting 71% say that they’d rather have a meaningful job that pays less money than the other way around. 

Rethinking Mental Health

2 in 5 Gen Zers are part of communities that build connections through health and 25% lean on creative activities to help with mental health. 

The World of Gaming and Fashion Collide

Non-gamer gamers are accessing gaming through fashion with 1 in 5 young people expecting to see branded clothing for avatars. Interest in buying virtual goods increased by 50% in the past year. 

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