Tesla is tightening the reins on Cybertruck resale, and prospective owners should take heed: the electric vehicle (EV) giant may slap you with a hefty $50,000 lawsuit if you dare to part ways with your angular automotive marvel within the first year of purchase. This intriguing nugget comes from the recently revealed motor vehicle order agreement governing the futuristic Cybertruck, as astutely spotted by Engadget.

Scheduled to make its debut in driveways from November 30 onwards, the Cybertruck’s fine print spells out Tesla’s stern stance on swift resales. The company reserves the right to pursue legal action, or, in the more legalese jargon, “seek injunctive relief” to the tune of “$50,000 or the value received as consideration for the sale or transfer, whichever is greater.”

Yet, there exists a loophole in this contractual labyrinth – potential sellers can escape the $50,000 legal maelstrom by securing written consent from Tesla. However, the conditions for obtaining such a blessing remain tantalizingly vague. Engadget posits that this stringent clause might be linked to the Cybertruck’s anticipated delay in entering mass production until the following year.

In essence, Tesla seems determined to ensure that its Cybertruck doesn’t fall into just any hands. The company appears to be resolute in keeping the groundbreaking EV within the grasp of those who have parted with their hard-earned cash to claim ownership. So, if you’re among the proud few who’ve secured a Cybertruck reservation, the message is clear: hold on to your avant-garde wheels for at least a year, unless you’re prepared to navigate the potential legal roadblocks set by Tesla.

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