Florida Governor Ron DeSantis tried to launch his 2024 presidential campaign on Twitter in an interview with Elon Musk, but the event was filled with technical problems. The Twitter Spaces audio event crashed multiple times, causing the app to kick out listeners and produce distorted sound. There were moments of silence and snippets of hold music.

Musk mentioned the large number of people on the call and Twitter’s struggle to handle the high audience demand.

Donald Trump and President Biden’s teams mocked the failed launch.

Eventually, the Twitter team started over with a new streaming link, and DeSantis made his campaign announcement. During the discussion, DeSantis focused on right-wing issues but did not address the concerns of average voters.

Later, DeSantis appeared on Fox News and spun the disaster as a sign of his popularity. The rebooted Twitter Space had a smaller audience, and DeSantis expressed concerns about internet censorship and praised Musk’s advocacy for free speech.

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