The Latinx studio creates a “magical and nurturing” identity in hope to captivate both children and their parents. The source of inspiration?

Cut-out illustrations often found in children’s books – think Matisse as well. The similarity of this style of design with cut out cookies associated with sweet treats seeks to capture the essence of kids’ natural curiosity in the kitchen.

According to Bate Bate Choclate’s founders Whitney and Jacob, the branding identity focused on three words for the branding: nurturing, magical, and fun. “Children are natural learners. They are curious about the world and are not afraid to fail,” Studio Mondos reflects. “As we grow up, we generally lose these qualities. Bate Bate Chocolate looks to nurture kids’ curiosity while they have fun imagining, creating, and learning.” 

“We went ahead and used the length of the name and the variety of compositions as the main ingredient.” David López, Studio Mondos co-founder, explains: “The length of the name “Bate Bate Chocolate” (read in Spanish) was a challenge. We really like the name they chose because it has a wonderful ring to it, and it is a great fit for their business. So we decided to have fun with it and embrace its disproportionate length creating all the variations that add more flavour to the illustrations.”

The studio also incorporated the perspective of children within the aesthetic. The illustrations used were “as honest as those a child would do with some crayons or some construction paper” – “that open-hearted simplicity is essential to the charm,” expresses the studio. To tie the design together, a vivid colour palette was used to add variety. “Lastly, we used the soft and gentle Recoleta to add a nurturing character,” says the studio.

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