Studio Cronica Design A New App Imagining London’s Future

Your Future London app

Entitled ‘Your Future London’ the app presents urban data and was commissioned for thinktank and policymakers Centre for London as part of its London Futures review project, in collaboration with the Mayor of London. Project designed by Studio Cronica

The website places London’s diversity at its core, catering for young users and professionals of all realms. 
A one-stop shop for all things London, the website has three main parts; a quiz about what Londoners would like to happen in the city, data about London today, and future scenarios and imaginaries for the city. The quiz asks users about their preferred ambitions for London, from free public transport to reduced levels of crime and how local councils should be operated. At the end of the quiz, users are presented with an illustrated version of what their future London would look like. 

Illustrations by Andrea Chronopoulos prioritise primary colours which connote London’s underground system and multicultural feel. The design is youthful but not childish, fun but not too alternative making it accessible to a wide range of people. Design director, Sérgio Cameira, the playful and witty illustration style allowed for this wide appeal while also depicting diversity within the scenes.
Cameira also cleverly aimed for a feel that was futuristic but still relatable, tangible and contemporary. “When you see science fiction and futuristic movies that are too far away, you can’t see yourself living them. We wanted to be future-focused but also realistic.”
At the same time, Cameira understands and respects London’s infamous past. Modern colours and illustrations are therefore placed alongside a nostalgic typeface entitled MD Nichrome, chosen for its vintage science fiction feel. “It’s inspired by science fiction literature from the 70s and 80s, but also has a futuristic feel” explains Cameira. 

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