One of the beauties of freelancing is that you are oftentimes able to complete more work in less time. This works especially well if we stop measuring how hard we work by time and instead measure it by the project. Instead of trying to get in the essential 8 hours a day, it’s worth just enjoying your workday and seeing what you can do within a certain abstract window. 
Capitalistic societies in particular tend to adopt a work a lot → make money → be successful narrative and this isn’t necessarily the best path to choose when you work freelance. Here are some reasons why 

Aim for quality over quantity 

I.e be picky about the projects you take on. Of course, it’s essential to maintain a base level of financial sustainability and saying no is a calculated risk. However, if you have the skills and the talent aim high and try to secure well-paid jobs that are less frequent. 


Setting your own rules is more fun 

When someone is breathing down your neck it can make you less productive and therefore less successful. The relaxed enjoyment that being your own boss can bring means that you end up doing your best work because you’re then able to get into the creative zone a lot more organically. 

Worth and success are a mindset, not a currency 

Your worth isn’t determined by how hard you work and if you’re making slightly less money by working 25 hours on average instead of 40 you’re more likely to be happier. You will then have more time for your friends and family and won’t end up defining yourself simply by your job or creativity but as who you are as a whole. That’s true worth. 

Guide to Writing Niches: Yes, You Need a Niche, Freelance Writers — Alina  Bradford

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