Stay safe everyone!

by Wishu
15 July 2020

Sending love from the Wishu Team. 💕

Our creative community is the beating heart of Wishu. COVID-19 has presented us all with challenges and governments around the world are working out how to best contain the virus from spreading. It’s been a difficult past few weeks for creatives, but let’s remember that our priorities are to be safe, healthy, and to protect vulnerable people around us.

Stay at home 🏠 minimising travel reduces your risk of being exposed. Switch to food delivery and practice social distancing.

Some tips on activities to do at home:

Tip 1: ✅ Be productive and update your portfolio and social media accounts.

Tip 2: 😳 Organise your finances. Time to save and have a contingency plan.

Tip 3:😇 Keep in touch with your clients and schedule projects months in advance.

Stay tuned for more Wishu updates on COVID-19 and our creative community.

Sending all the love 💕

The Wishu Team

Illustrations by Dana Jeri Maier


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