Wendy Asumadu

Makeup Artist

Entering Wendy’s World is pure joy. A kaleidoscopic cosmos where the make-up is dynamic, the shapes are abstract, and the colour is always turned up to 100, Wendy Asumadu’s universe is vibrant and experimental as she opens up the possibilities of what make-up and beauty can look like.

An artist who works predominantly with make-up, Wendy uses her face and other faces as a canvas to create expressive, artistic, and abstract paintings. These lively, bold looks stem, in part, from an absence Wendy was finding in the beauty landscape. “When I began working in the industry, I noticed there weren’t many avant garde make-up looks on black deep skin like myself. I remember searching ‘avant garde make-up’ online and there was not a black person in sight,” she says. Motivated by this shortage, she set out to make a change and has been creating and coordinating content on black skin ever since. (Dazed)

Wendy Asumadu - London based Makeup Artist freelancer

Wendy Asumadu - London Based Makeup Hair Artist for Creative Campaigns

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