Various studies have shown that the pandemic has brought a rise in freelancing. In fact, as many millions of employees were furloughed or laid off, close to 32% freelancers reported that demand had greatly decreased. While this is great news for the freelancing community, it also means that, individually, we need to step our game up and demonstrate each of our USPs to a fuller extent. 

Emily Skaer - rise in freelancing

By Emily Skaer

Standing out in the freelance community can be divided into three sections: 
  1. Have a strong online presence
  2. Demonstrate strong brand-to-freelancer relationships 
  3. Build your network to ensure more work 
Now, let’s unpack each: 
  1. Needless to say that the online platform of a freelancer is the modern equivalent to an artist’s extensive portfolio. It needs to be clear, well-organised and simultaneously showcase your niche USP as well as the diversity of your skills. A strong, solid portfolio consists of the following: 
  • A clear, friendly profile picture (first impressions!)
  • A concise bio that outlines your best work (time to name drop) and clearly describes what skills you offer 
  • Keep up with the trends in your particular industry and infuse them into your latest social media content. For example, if you’re a fashion stylist and you know that layering is hot right now (no Zoolander reference intended), post a pic of your best layering work. 
  1. A strong brand-to-freelancer relationship starts from the get-go (remember, first impressions…) This clarity and strength can be best demonstrated in your proposal first. Your proposal should echo the job description written by the brand. This establishes clarity and demonstrates that you know exactly what is to be expected of you particularly what the brand expects you to deliver. Secondly, present or cite examples of your past work which clearly demonstrate how you can solve the problems presented by the brand in their description. Also link your website in the proposals so that the brand may look further into what you’re all about. 
  2. Did you know that 43% of freelancers find work through networking? Expanding your network is a sure fire way to stand out – particularly on social media where mutual follows and creative collaborations count for a lot when it comes to brands deciding on whether or not to hire you. Offering free consultations is a great way to expand your network. Whether the client hires you from the free consultation or not, such generosity  interests them in potential collaborations in the future. It is also a great way of earning a client’s trust. 

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