Spotify partners with Jellysmack to expand video offerings

Spotify is expanding its video offerings by partnering with Jellysmack, a creator company that collaborates with popular YouTubers, such as MrBeast and Bailey Sarian.

The partnership will feature Jellysmack’s top creators uploading weekly video episodes on Spotify. These videos will primarily consist of edited footage from the creators’ existing long-form content on YouTube, which will be optimized for Spotify’s platform in the video podcast format.

The deal’s launch will include creators such as Ed Bolian (@VINwiki), Christina Randall, Brooke Mekenna, Jessica Kent, and Audit the Audit, with more creators expected to join in the future.

The partnership is Spotify’s latest effort to expand into the video market, with the company redesigning its home page to feature a vertical feed with video previews of music and podcasts. According to Bryan Thoensen, Spotify’s head of U.S. content partnerships, the partnership with Jellysmack aims to provide new experiences for Spotify’s listeners while elevating creators.

Meanwhile, Jellysmack’s president, Sean Atkins, said that the partnership with Spotify would unlock new opportunities for creators to share their work and build new communities.

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