Spotify, the popular music streaming service, has been making efforts to expand its video podcast offerings in response to the rising demand for short-form video content driven by platforms like TikTok. While Spotify’s progress in this area has been gradual, recent data reveals promising growth. With over 100,000 podcast shows now hosting video episodes on the platform, representing a 40% increase since March, Spotify is taking steps to promote video content and strike exclusive deals with creators.

Growing Video Podcasts on Spotify:

Spotify’s push into video podcasts comes as a result of the platform’s recognition of the increasing popularity of short-form video content. As creators and media publishers adapt to the rise of platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, they have been repurposing their content as video to cater to the growing demand. Spotify has responded by inking deals with creators like Emma Chamberlain and Markiplier, who exclusively host video episodes of their podcasts on the platform. Even lesser-known creators, such as the duo behind “Friends From Work,” have seen their video podcasts promoted exclusively on Spotify.

Challenges and Competition:

Despite Spotify’s efforts to promote video podcasts, some creators still find it challenging to gain visibility on the platform compared to YouTube. While Spotify is successful in retaining listeners, YouTube continues to outperform in terms of viewership and subscriber count for video podcasts. Creators like Eric Wei, co-CEO and co-founder of Karat, have noticed a significant disparity in performance between the two platforms. Although Spotify is striving to catch up, it still lacks the viral potential that video clips have on TikTok, which plays a crucial role in attracting new fans.

Spotify’s Response:

Recognizing the dominance of video in capturing people’s attention, Spotify has made substantial moves to enhance its video capabilities. The company recently reorganized its podcasting operations by cutting jobs and focusing on working with top creators. Spotify’s head of global podcast studios, Julie McNamara, emphasized the need for more mobility among top-tier creators and the importance of combining algorithms and editorial features to drive continuous engagement.

Industry Observations:

The rise of video podcasts on Spotify has caught the attention of both large media companies and creator-focused startups. Startups like Veed, known for its video editing tools, and Kajabi, a creator monetization platform, offer solutions that cater to the growing demand for repurposing long-form videos into short-form clips for social media. This trend highlights the broader shift toward video content and the need for platforms and tools that support creators in reaching wider audiences.

Spotify’s focus on expanding its video podcast offerings reflects the influence of TikTok and the growing demand for short-form video content. While the platform has made progress by signing exclusive deals with creators and promoting video podcasts, it still faces challenges in achieving the viral potential that video clips have on TikTok. By reorganizing its podcasting business and working with top creators, Spotify aims to enhance engagement and provide a platform for both established and emerging creators to thrive in the evolving creator economy.

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