Spotify and Creative Juice partner to bring podcast creators to new heights

As the creator economy and podcasting continue to boom, Spotify has teamed up with creator partner, Creative Juice, to offer a unique program for creators of all sizes. Beginning on March 28th, Juice creators will have access to Spotify’s video podcasting program, along with beta products, individualized support, guidance, and dedicated promotion on Spotify.

The partnership is a boon for the “creator middle class,” offering support to podcasters who may not have previously had access to the resources necessary to grow their audience and build a business. Creative Juice has invested millions to support creators in various stages of their business journey, and now, thanks to the partnership with Spotify, Juice creators will have more opportunities than ever to build their audience and monetize their content.

The program is set to include creators of all sizes and verticals, with early access being granted to select creators including Oompaville (4.26M), Growwithjo (3.67M), Rich Lopp (335K), and The Editing Podcast (45K).

“I used Juice Funds to build out an incredible production team, invest in design and merchandise. Not to mention, I started a podcast with the support of the Juice and Spotify partnership, and my podcast ranked in the top 50 comedy charts and broke into the top 12 overall, exceeding my expectations,” said Oompaville.

Creative Juice’s CEO and Co-Founder, Sima Gandhi, expressed excitement for the partnership, stating, “This partnership was a no-brainer for us. Now our Juice community can build their career on Spotify and manage that career with all the business tools we offer at Juice. Spotify has always been committed to creators, and now our creators can be one step closer to monetizing on a new channel with dedicated white glove service they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.”

With more than a 50% increase in podcast consumption on Spotify, the partnership is set to offer creators all the tools they need to grow their following, build a career, and ultimately monetize their content. For Juice creators, the partnership offers more than just a dollar amount – it’s a community and wealth of resources to help creators grow their business with banking, funding, and taxes.

For more information, visit Spotify and Creative Juice online.

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