Spooky Spots: Our Favourite Halloween Ad Campaigns This Year

Is it just us or are we feeling overly festive this year? It’s been two years since we’ve sipped mulled wine in the pub at Christmas and, more relevantly, since we could even trick or treat! It seems several ad agencies are feeling the same. From fragrance posters to supermarket TV ads here are some Halloween campaigns getting us into the spooky spirit for the weekend. 

S.O.S Fragrance

Designed by London based agency JDO, this new fragrance launch is accompanied by the appropriate hashtag #smellnoevil. Packaging for S.O.S features a fresh, poppy colour and that hand-drawn illustration style familiar to the home fragrance category. 

Targeted to teens, the wordplay in the campaign’s taglines cleverly speaks to parents reading ‘His/Her attitude might stink but his/her room doesn’t have to’, while stickers and clothes fresheners bring in a playfulness that teens can buy into.

The product is not available to purchase, as it’s merely a fun, yearly project for JDO to flex its creative muscles.

Asda’s Spinning Pumpkin Heads

The playful new campaign taps into the excitement that Halloween falls on a weekend this year and encapsulates the anticipation for the spooky celebrations. After almost half the UK population chose not to celebrate Halloween in 2020, searches for Halloween products on Asda.com and George.com are up 820% year on year, with 37% of customers planning to celebrate Halloween already picking up their Halloween essentials in store and online.

The campaign, which is the second from creative agency Havas London, will run in the lead-up to Halloween on 31 October, and reprises the new brand tagline Get the Asda Price Feeling – yet with a spooky, seasonal, slightly surreal slant.

Created with Saatchi & Saatchi the playful 30-second spot opens unremarkably enough, with a group of teenage friends walking into their local Asda store. Things start to get strange as they’re met by an Asda colleague with a jack-o’-lantern on their head – or is that a jack-o’-lantern for a head? – rising out of a crate of pumpkins. A click of their fingers transforms the gang’s bemused faces into four more crudely carved, smiling lanterns – as they dance off down dark and misty, haunted house-esque aisles.
Set to Dead or Alive’s You Spin Me Round (Like a Record), a voiceover promises ‘everything for a spooktacular Halloween at prices to make your head spin’ – as the gang’s Pumpkin heads literally spin off and go flying around the store. Things are bought back down to earth with a bang, and another twist on Asda’s iconic Pocket Tap, as the scene transforms into a fully decked out Halloween party, all thanks to Asda’s extensive range of Halloween goodies.

Everybody Get to Aldi…yeah yeah!

Yet another supermarket getting us up off of our sofas to boogie this Halloween. Targeted to those looking for Halloween costumes last minute and on a budget, the spot sees a spookily dressed cast groove to an adaptation of the iconic ‘Everybody’ by the BackStreet Boys originally released in 1997. (You know the one…”everybody…YEAH YEAH!” don’t make us sing it). 

The cast are wonderfully choreographed giving us all the Thriller vibes we need this October 31st. 

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