SoundCloud does a bunch of stuff we didn’t know it did

Despite the CD purchasing era ending over a decade ago, many still don’t know how music making can be monetised. That’s why it is so encouraging to see a music streaming service platform so keen to prioritise helping artists monetise their work through connection with fans. 

That service is SoundCloud. When you think about it, SoundCloud  is the only streaming service which lets artists and fans connect directly, which provides it with an upper hand in this field. 

Tracy Chan, SoundCloud’s SVP of Creator claims SoundCloud is “not satisfied with the status quo […] there are too many artists who can’t make a living.” As a solution Chan turns our attention to SoundCloud for Artist’s fan powered royalties program ( FPR) which helps over 135,000 artists to monetise their music content. 

The great thing about SoundCloud is that the music doesn’t need to be at a 100% professional standard to be uploaded. You can upload a demo, then a mix and finally a master. And when you are ready to monetise your content SoundCloud actually helps artists transition onto Spotify, Apple Music and the other big boy streaming services. They even do editorial playlist pitching!

SoundCloud also boasts a landmark, first of kind deal with Warner Music Group to help artists’ networks. 

“We believe the next stage of music is really breaking down the barrier between the next generation of artists and their fans. At the end of the day the artist to fan relationship is the most important thing in the music industry.” 

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