Snapchat’s new AI chatbot, My AI, has received mixed reviews since its introduction. The feature is powered by OpenAI’s GPT and can perform tasks such as answering questions, offering advice, or planning trips. However, some users have criticised its prominence on the app and confusion has arisen over how the app uses location data. My AI is pinned to the top of users’ chat feeds, and only paid subscribers can remove it, which has led to criticism online.

Despite this, Snap has stated that the “vast majority” of people with early access to My AI have enjoyed it, with millions of messages sent per day. The feature has been rolled out to millions of users globally, having first been introduced to paid subscribers. In the UK, reviews have been more measured, with some users asking My AI to rank footballers or name the best player in the Premier League.

Snap has also faced criticism over whether the chatbot can access private information such as location data. In response, the company has written a blog post clarifying how location data is used in My AI and that the chatbot “does not collect any new location information” from its users. Snapchat can only access a user’s location if they consent to share it, and the company seeks to be as transparent as possible with its community about how each of its products uses their data.

While there are critical app store reviews, some of these are from users complaining that they are unable to access the feature. Despite the mixed reviews, Snap has stated that it will continue to improve the experience and appreciate the feedback from its passionate community. My AI is an experimental feature that has the potential to improve over time, and its success will depend on how well it is received by users.

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