In an effort to empower its users and provide more opportunities for self-expression, Snapchat has announced a collaboration with Linktree, a popular link-in-bio tool. This integration allows Snapchat users to include links in their profiles, expanding their ability to showcase their work and other online profiles. The move comes as a significant development for Snapchat, as previously, only brands and Snap Stars were granted permission to include links in their profiles.

Originally announced in April, this partnership now enables any user with a public profile to incorporate links to their Linktree profile. Creating a public profile on Snapchat is open to all users over the age of 18. To add their Linktree or any other URL, users can access their public profile settings and select “Website or Linktree.” While users can include any URL, Linktree provides enhanced visibility for Snapchat profiles within its service.

The link-in-bio tool not only permits creators to display their Snapchat profiles on their Linktree pages using a social icon, but it also features a button that encourages visitors to “Add me on Snapchat” or any other customized phrase. Furthermore, Linktree will have a prominent place within Snapchat’s default share sheet.

To celebrate this integration, Linktree is offering three months of Linktree Pro to users. The premium subscription unlocks additional features such as email and phone number collection, the ability to embed the latest tweets and YouTube videos, and NFT lock capabilities. Snapchat has been actively expanding its offerings for creators throughout the year. They introduced a revenue-sharing program that allows eligible creators to earn from their content based on followers and monthly Snap views.

Moreover, the company launched Public Stories, which enables users to share their Stories with a wider audience, transcending their followers or friends list. These initiatives have already attracted prominent names like Adam Waheed, indicating positive early traction. Linktree has also been strengthening its position as a go-to link-in-bio tool for creators. Last year, it collaborated with TikTok through the Profile Kit feature. In January, Linktree introduced the “Buy me a Gift” option for creators, and last month, the company made headlines by acquiring Bento, a link-in-bio company backed by Sequoia. Although specific plans for Bento have not been disclosed, it highlights Linktree’s commitment to expanding its services and offering more integrations.

The partnership between Snapchat and Linktree marks an exciting development for both platforms. Snapchat users now have the opportunity to showcase their work and online profiles more effectively, while Linktree gains exposure through Snapchat’s vast user base. With the ongoing advancements in empowering creators, the future holds great potential for enhanced digital self-expression and connectivity.

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