Smarties New Brand Identity Is for the ‘Thinker, Dreamer, Creator Archetypes’

Designed by Echo, the London based Branding Design Innovation Sustainability Agency, Smarties focus on sustainable packing. The Smarties’ Topper Toys – travel-sized games for families – even see a 100% plastic-free redesign. We love to see it!

The sustainability credentials of the toys have been further enhanced through a reduction in paper waste. Printed instructions and game boards are now accessible online rather than in print. The new toy range includes two sets of card games and wooden story dice which look to “tap into the thinker, dreamer, creator archetypes,” states Echo.

The brief on Echo’s end was to extend and relaunch Smarties’ range of toppers for children with plastics free commitments at centre stage. These broader commitments include a pledge to make all packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025. Earlier this year, Smarties packaging transitioned to 100% recyclable paper, being the first global confectionery brand to do so.

Child development expert Sian Williams was also invited on board to review the possibilities of Smarties’ Learn Through Play range, reimagining it as a multidimensional concept that marries the physical brand packaging with online tools. “The range was then extended to create products that encourage developmental and constructive play, incorporating positive reward systems that resolve the tensions between ‘learning’ and ‘treating’,” Echo explains.

The toys all use the Smarties’ colour palette to keep the look playful and fun, and aid brand recognition. The products will be sold exclusively and in addition to the rest of the Smarties Learn Through Play range in the travel retail sector across Europe and Asia from June 2021.

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