Global online messaging platform for professionals, Slack, has employed New York City based designer Jessica Walsh, founder of &Walsh studio to create a bespoke pack of new emojis which represent work from home post pandemic culture. 

According to Slack, the new emojis “help users better reflect where and how they’re working as we approach hybrid work” and encapsulate the company’s belief that the future of work “is whenever and wherever people will be most productive”.

Entitled the Hybrid Work emoji pack, the intention behind them is to tackle the big and scary problems brought on by the pandemic with a major dose of creativity through connecting workers externally and internally. Another main focus is the universal flexibility of past-pandemic work. 

The cute Working from Home or Working in Office emojis showcase an office and a house with the Slack logo placed on its front and are an easy way to signal where you working. 

Jessica Walsh has spoken on her inspiration behind the innovative emoji; “With the pandemic and remote work, we were all going through new emotions, experiences and challenges, which required new language to communicate – which inspired these emoji. I’ve often found that struggles and frustrations are a great source for innovation!” 

She also adds that as a millennial, “Emoji have always been an integral part of my digital communication style […] My favourite is the Me Time emoji. We all need to remember to take short breaks throughout the day, both for our mental and physical health. Humans were not designed to be hunched over a desk for eight hours straight. I think it’s great for companies to have this option as one of the status updates, to encourage people to simply take a break.”

Slack users can add the Hybrid Work set of emoji from their desktop by clicking the smiley face icon in the message field, then “add emoji” and then a second tab labelled “emoji pack”.

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