It often seems like there is so much creativity going on in one scene that it’s impossible to keep up. A lot of sites and social media platforms can also seem very London-focused or at least capital city focused which can make non-London based creatives feel isolated at times. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth, there is creative news to be reported from all corners of the UK and if there is anything the pandemic has taught us it is to be resourceful. Wishu has put together a list of sites to find interesting and diverse examples of creative news so you are kept in the loop of what is going on and are never short for inspiration. 

It’s Nice That 

Boasting a range of interviews and creative inspiration, It’s Nice That caters to a broad range of disciplines, unearthing creative processes and diving deep into relevant topics affecting the industry today. 


Hey, we had to put our shameless little self-plug in here somewhere. Wishu caters specifically to freelancers and what we know sits at the core of freelance needs and desires for knowledge. From self-care tips to networking event suggestions to the latest creative agency ventures in the industry, Wishu will satisfy your freelance cravings for creative news.

Creative Review

Along with its sibling ‘Creative Boom’, Creative Review brings the creative community together through insightful articles and news posts, navigating around the question of, “how is creativity changing our world?”


A business magazine with a global reach, the magazine provides real-time news analysis and shares creative expertise, projects and insight across advertising, business and marketing ventures reshaping the industry.

The Drum

This marketing and design magazine actually hosts award shows, live events, offers marketing solutions, video production, research, peer-to-peer learning networks and supplier finder services helping keep everyone in the know as to who is who. 


​​Publishing information and ideas on the topic of how emerging technology affects culture, the economy and politics, Wired focuses on tech and creativity alike. 

AIGA Eye on Design

AIDA interviews both emerging and established designers on their latest and most exciting updates. 


Alongside its consultancy and learning platforms, IDEO regularly updates its blog channel with resources and insightful articles on a range of topics spanning the creative industry.

Design Milk 

On top of all trends, Design Milk reports features on architecture, interiors design, automotive, fashion, technology and art. It’s a great source of inspiration and to gain further insight into a project or creativity.

Cartoon Brew

A dream for animators and illustrators, Cartoon Brew delivers news and ideas on animation to artists, entertainment executives and cartoon enthusiasts. The site also covers trends in commercial animation, interactive apps, blockbuster Hollywood features, crowdfunding and independent filmmaking.

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