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In December of last year, Forbes posted an article titled “2022 Prediction: The Influence Of Web3 On The Future Of Work”. In the article, journalist Rebekah Bastian wrote the following; 

“This new freelance economy is different from the gig economy in that there aren’t centralized corporations creating those jobs–the people doing the work have ownership of the end result. “In the gig economy, earning is linear — most people earn an hourly wage or per-gig wage,” Lipton explained. “In Web3, earning is non-linear because freelancers will own part of the marketplace. Additionally, freelancers working for Web3 projects can earn a combination of stable coins and tokens, and those tokens can offer uncapped upside.”

Now is a great time to capitalize on these potentials. Despite common belief, Web3 jobs aren’t just tech focused. Non technical jobs like technical writers, product managers, marketers are also in demand. 

Here are a few sites worth checking out if you’re looking to catch an income stream via Web3…

Cryptocurrency Jobs

Mostly focused around crypto and development jobs but it’s certainly a good starting point to start branching out into Web3.

Remote Web3 Jobs

Who doesn’t love remote work? In the world of Web3 where teams come together from around the globe, remote working comes first and this is a good platform that brings companies in Web3 who hire remotely.

Web3 Career

You can find pretty much most of the available in this website from top companies in Blockchain, Web3, and Crypto. The filtering system is helpful and response times are quite fast.

Crypto Jobs Daily

With daily curated jobs, this platform is the gateway to finding jobs in Web3 and helps match your profile to the right job.


Though not a dedicated job platform, a VC-like group for Web3, Rarestone boasts great positions within their portfolio — must checkout.


Nothing fancy here yet another job board that does what it promises to do, simply with no UI clutter. Postings here are almost definitely found elsewhere but it’s worthwhile to browse quickly here.

UseWeb3 Jobs

Though not a dedicated job platform, useweb3 is a must for anyone who wants to go down the rabbit hole in Web3. Plus they have some great listings here as well. 

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