Sinead O’Dwyer’s New Visual Identity Celebrates Body Diversity

Created by North London based studio Greenspace, the young designer’s new visual identity campaign celebrates the beautiful reality of many human bodies. 

The reason we love Sinead’s work is due to how it beautifully subverses the fashion industry’s relationship with bodies – female and non-binary bodies in particular. Her designs focus on the diversity of shape and texture proving that designs can cater to a plethora of bodies and look aesthetically pleasing on any type of figure. This sentiment of inclusivity and self-acceptance is heightened by the artist’s relationship with nature which is often at the forefront of her work as seen in her moss-inspired wrap-around leggings and jumpsuits. 

A trademark since her early work, has been the silicone pieces she creates using fibreglass moulds cast directly from women’s bodies, which could be viewed as a second skin, clothes, or even wearable sculptures. 

Since her graduation in 2018, Sinead’s pieces have been worn by the likes of ​​Bella Hadid and Bjork and have even been photographed by Nick Knight. 

Greenspace’s work on the newly unveiled visual identity for the designer looks beyond just packaging O’Dwyer’s creative output, contemplating what it means to be an emerging brand in the rapidly shifting world of fashion today.

‘For the Love of Every Body’ is the basis of the brand strategy. The symbolises and summarizes the cultural significance behind O’Dwyer’s pieces and the change she represents within the wider industry.

This core message is carried through to the typeface which is fluid – as inspired by the organic shape of the human body. Greenspace drew a wordmark based on the Suisse Int’l Condensed typeface, and a custom typeface informed by ever changing body form and the materials the designer works with daily, such as silicone casting.

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