The Week’s Top Creative Portfolio – Simone Hutsch

Simone Hutsch

Graphic Designer & Photographer

I’m Simone Hutsch aka heysupersimi, a graphic designer and a self taught architecture photographer from Berlin, Germany and currently living in London, UK. I got into architecture photography when I studied graphic design in my hometown Berlin. Exploring the geometry in buildings triggers my imagination and inspires me. A building can inspire me in many different ways, with its pattern, colour or shape. The perspective has a crucial role. I’m always impressed by how the geometry of a building changes when you change your point of view. Every building in my pictures has surreal touch. In a retouching process I sometimes create a completely new building. However I usually have a vision of the final image when I take a photo and it makes me happy when I can inspire people. 

ELLE Magazine Germany 2018 
The SITE Magazine 2018, VOL 39
Bombardier Business Aircraft Magazine, Issue 33, 2019
Architecture Boston Magazine Nov 2019

Check out Simone on Wishu & her website

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