Twitter is rolling out a new paid verification program, with its “legacy” blue ticks to be replaced. Users are now considering whether it is worth paying for the shiny new checkmark, and brands are wondering if they should fork out for it too.

There are currently three different checkmark options: Twitter Blue, Verification for Organizations, and Verification for Government.

There are several factors to consider when deciding whether to pay for verification. Direct benefits, such as tweet editing, longer video uploads, longer tweets, and priority display in tweet reply chains, are not as important as potential impacts. From next week, Twitter will start removing “legacy” blue checkmarks in the app, so users will have to pay $8 to keep them. After two weeks, tweets without checkmarks will not appear in the “For You” feed. The actual reach and exposure impacts are hard to predict because we do not know how much additional exposure users are getting from the “For You” feed display. Twitter has never been a significant driver of direct referral traffic, but brand presence and getting your logo in front of people in the app may be worth the $8 per month subscription payment.

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