Shelter’s updated brand identity highlights the UK’s housing crisis

Today, 17.5 million people are affected by the UK’s housing emergency. Founded in the 1960s, Shelter’s aim has always been to bring a sense of activism to charity work. 


Superunion has designed a new logo for the charity – a red arrow with a brushstroke finish that mimics the roof of a house in a similar way to the brand’s previous mark. 

The new symbol embodies 50 years of campaigning and a never-give-up attitude,” says Superunion creative partner Adrian Burton. “It’s a symbol that people can recreate, make at home, share and ultimately, take to the streets.
Black and white photographer Tom Cockram directs the new commercial which features Shelter’s key messaging on outdoor billboards and buildings. Accompanied by the new tagline,  ‘Fight for Home’, the commercial aims to highlight the pandemic’s drastic effect on homelessness. With one in three impacted by the housing emergency, Shelter focuses not only one those on the streets but also aims to work for families and individuals who find themselves moving from sofa to sofa, sleeping in unsafe places and finding themselves evicted. 

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