Setting Marketing Goals for 2021

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Why should I even set goals? Can’t I just keep on working until something great happens? 

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The answer is well, you can but honestly, without clear goals, you’re basically directionless. For example, without social media objectives, you’re basically working to get more likes and engagement – but does that necessarily translate to success?


So how do we set a goal and how do we break it down. Instead of looking at the why, how and what, let’s rather identify the Hunger, Aspirational Anchor and Goal.

Hunger – What is the driving force — or the “why” — behind what you want to achieve? What pain or problem has led you to this point, and why must it be solved?

Aspirational Anchor – What does success look like — or “how” does the end vision solve that problem?

Goal – What steps must be taken — or the “what” — for that aspiration to come to fruition?



This delightful acronym helps give you clear direction as an entrepreneur. 


Be Specific about the goals you want to achieve 

Make sure your goals are Measurable (how will you track them?)

Are your goals realistically Attainable

Are your goals Relevant to your success? Will they truly help grow your business

What is the Timeframe? Do you have clear deadlines? 


You can apply the SMART goal acronym to several kinds of digital marketing goals. Here are just a few examples of marketing goals you might want to set yourself as a creative freelancer; 

  • Increase Sales (if you sell a product) 

  • Increase Clients 

  • Increase Traffic and Following 

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