Roku’s new advertising offerings

Roku has announced a new offering that will allow brands to become a part of its recognizable screen saver, known for featuring iconic locations and characters from beloved films and TV shows. The first brand to take advantage of this new opportunity is none other than fast food giant McDonald’s.

But that’s not all Roku had to share at their recent Newfront presentation to marketers. The company also highlighted its impressive scale, with half of all households streaming the last Super Bowl doing so on Roku devices. Additionally, they unveiled new offerings in home and garden, sports, and commerce, as well as a “primetime reach guarantee” that offers advertisers assurance that their campaign will reach more TV households in primetime with Roku than the average program on a top-five cable network.

Roku’s content announcements also impressed, with a focus on reality and unscripted fare that allows them to continue producing content without concern from the ongoing writers strike. Among the shows on the horizon are an unscripted comedy series starring Charlie Puth, a bilingual travel series, a reality rom-com series, and a number of food shows.

Overall, Roku is building an entire ad-friendly world where the viewer, content, and advertising come together at every step of the streamer’s journey. It’s clear that Roku is not just fighting for turf in the streaming wars – they are the turf. So get ready for even more great content and advertising experiences on your Roku device!

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