Radox’s Rebranding is Ready to Refresh

“Radox is a brand for the people who give their time to others,” says Fiona Florence, MD at JDO. And after over a year’s worth of pandemic stress, this rebranding couldn’t be more timely. 


Radox’s rebranding puts the well-being of its consumers at its centre. A new brandmark features over 80 different products including the brand’s best-selling bath salts which now come in a larger, recyclable, waterproof and resealable pouch packaging. Bath bombs have also been introduced in Relaxing Lavender and Soothing Chamomile variations. 


Radox’s mother company Unilever had felt the brand had lost relevance in recent years and this revival definitely places Radox in a new light. Monique Rossi, Marketing Director Deodorant, Skin Cleansing and Gifting at Unilever UK&I, commented: “This is a key moment for Radox as we look to grow and enhance the category, and encourage more people to enjoy the wellbeing benefits of relaxing and recharging in a Radox bath.


The new brand mark has been advertised via the “life’s better with bubbles” campaign which features a neutral bubble bath background allowing the primary coloured product to pop out. The range has stuck to its original colour scheme but certain products – such as the bath salts – feature a new grainy finish and tie-dye pattern which tap into today’s desire for nostalgia. 

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