Cold pitching: Use Google to scope out potential clients, then send each one a customised pitch. Be sure to include what you can offer and why you’d be a value add.

Email lists and matchmaking services: Join freelance email lists and matchmaking services to stay on top of current job openings.

Ads if needed: If you have an ad budget, consider publishing ads on social media and Google. Read our latest take on paid marketing. 

Social media marketing: Build an audience on social media and shower them with valuable content, freebies, and delicious offers. Oh, and make sure you schedule your social media posts, because doing it manually is not sustainable.

Content marketing: Start a blog, learn how to optimise content, and post one optimised article per week.

Assessments: Provide actionable recommendations via business assessments to leads and warm them up even more by showcasing your expertise. This option is especially great for freelance consultants.

Building relationships: Build solid relationships with your current clients and invite them to refer you in exchange for a freebie or a discount on future services.

Testimonials: Ask your happiest clients for testimonials. Market the testimonials you’ve collected on your website, landing pages, ads and social media.

Networking: Attend online mixers, networking functions, and LinkedIn webinars to network with potential clients.

LinkedIn: Build and nurture relevant connections on LinkedIn.

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