Since the pandemic, daily podcast listeners have been listening to more titles and more frequently. Almost half of self-help podcast listeners (48%) and 42% of health podcast listeners (42%) are spending more time with their favourite shows than they were a year ago.

And, while most people are probably sick of hearing words like “unprecedented” and “tough times,” brands should find ways to embrace the “new normal” in podcast advertising: authentic messages that meet what’s happening right now.

Podcasts raged in 2020

When people began to isolate themselves at the start of the pandemic, it was unclear how podcasting and the advertisers who had invested so heavily in this medium would fare.

However, it quickly became clear that podcasting could provide a valuable service. These sympathetic voices served consumers well with the help of advertisers.

The podcast remedy

The act of listening to podcasts is becoming a safe space in and of itself, particularly for younger audiences who are growing up and coming of age. According to an SXM Media study, people between the ages of 18 and 24 listen to podcasts to improve their mood and feel less alone. Gen Z is embracing podcasts, particularly creators, with 44% finding podcast hosts relatable and authentic, and 42% trusting and value the opinions of the hosts they listen to.

Authentic advertising

Even when audiences are vulnerable, the trusted voices of podcast hosts can deliver brand messaging beautifully.

Brands that venture into podcasting and this dynamic content experience will find a devoted and engaged audience. And they owe it to their audience to be as genuine as the content.

  • Make a connection: Brands should strive to create a genuine message that meets consumers where they are.
  • Trust the host: Allow and empower the host to deliver your brand messaging in their content with grace, goodwill, and authenticity.
  • Find ways to blend in: Determine how your product or service can be artfully and respectfully woven into the podcast genres on which you advertise.
  • Show rather than tell: To demonstrate their understanding, brands do not need to say the big, bad words that are causing stress and concern.

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