Did you know that Playboy hosts an OnlyFans-esque creator platform entitled ‘Centerfold’? The iconic erotic magazine company is now relaunching a digital version of its publication via the platform. Centerfold allows creators to essentially put a paywall on their content and require their fans to either subscribe to the creator or pay per post to view exclusive content from the creator or otherwise interact with them.

The content of the relaunched Playboy magazine, set to release its first issue later this year, will heavily feature creators who produce content through “Centerfold,” the brand’s creator platform, according to a press release. Playboy will offer special opportunities to the platform’s “most successful and up-and-coming creators” to appear in editorial content and photo shoots in the updated magazine—starting with mega-influencer, model and actress Amanda Cerny, who Playboy said has earned over $1 million via its creator platform. 

“Our Playboy creator platform is the Playboy magazine for the 21st century,” says Playboy’s female chief brand officer, Rachel Webber in a statement. “We’re putting the power of content creation in the hands of the creative community and giving them the tools to interact with and monetize their fanbases directly.”

The platform’s first wave of creators included nearly 20 creators “hailing from the worlds of music, fashion, fitness and adult entertainment”—including Cerny and rapper Cardi B, who was named the platform’s first creative director in residence in December 2021. The demographic of creators on the platform are “TikTok native and older Gen Z” according to Webber. 

“Playboy’s premium creator platform is revolutionising the creator economy the same way Playboy magazine shook up the publishing industry nearly 70 years ago,” said Ben Kohn, Playboy CEO. “The mobile-first experience is designed to optimise creator and fan engagement and to enable creators to express themselves openly and to build intimate, authentic and safe connections.”

Centerfold creators will also have the chance to collaborate with the brand on its fashion business by either assisting with clothing designs or representing Playboy as a fashion ambassador, according to the press release. 

Seeing that paywall features, from Patreon to TikTok Series, are on the up in the creator industry, things for Centerfold are looking up!

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