Pinterest Aims to Create a Safer Internet for Kids Pinterest, the popular e-commerce and image-sharing platform, has unveiled a new manifesto at the Cannes Lions festival. The manifesto outlines Pinterest’s commitment to becoming the most positive corner of the internet, with a focus on creating a safer and more kid-friendly online environment.

The announcement was made by Milka Privodanova, the recently promoted Vice President and Head of EMEA at Pinterest. Pinterest aims to engineer the internet to be a more positive space, in contrast to the increasing conflicts between users and other tech platforms. Privodanova explained that Pinterest is a place where people go to imagine a better life, rather than debate current events. The platform wants to encourage users to create a life they love by providing a positive and inspiring experience.

To support this vision, Pinterest has partnered with the Digital Wellness Lab at Boston Children’s Hospital to develop a framework for making the internet healthier for children. The platform has already implemented industry-leading ad policies, such as banning climate misinformation and divisive political ads. It also recently banned weight loss ads, reflecting its commitment to promoting positive mental and emotional well-being.

The Inspired Internet Pledge, launched at Cannes Lions, encourages tech companies to take meaningful actions to support positive mental and emotional well-being both online and offline. The pledge aims to make companies accountable by requiring them to show evidence of their efforts to improve the online experience. Pinterest believes that by creating a positive and uplifting platform, it will attract more users and foster increased commerce.

The platform sees itself as a valuable tool for brands to understand consumer behavior and tap into the retail media boom. The need for a more positive internet is particularly important considering the mental health crisis faced by many young people, especially during the pandemic.

Studies have shown a worsening of youth mental health, with social media being identified as a potential factor. The Inspired Internet Pledge seeks to address this issue by promoting healthier online experiences for young users. Pinterest’s call to action at Cannes Lions highlights its dedication to creating a better internet environment. This announcement comes at a time when marketers are reevaluating their media spend across major tech platforms, making Pinterest’s focus on positivity and safety all the more relevant.

Overall, Pinterest’s manifesto represents a step toward building a more positive and kid-friendly internet, offering hope for a healthier online experience for everyone.

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