Pinterest Rebrand in Technicolor

As the popularity of collage for brand identities grows, Pinterest capitalises on its trademark with its rebranding. 

Led by west London based creative studio Made Thought, the rebranding takes a colourful and eccentric approach which demonstrates Pinterest’s new multicolour schemes rather than its previous fixed palette.

A new and italic typeface has also been adopted to metaphorise a literal ‘lean into the future for the brand. Developed by Swiss type foundry Grilli Type the bespoke typeface is named ‘Pinterest Sans’. 
The multicolour scheme includes pale yellow and pink, bright and pale shades of green and blue as well as lilac and orange shades. Not only does this feature dub the brand as more colourful but also reflects the fluidity of creativity according to Made Thought creative director Alistair Webb. 
Since its launch in 2010, competing companies and apps have sprung up in the decade since Pinterest launched, and the designer says that distinguishing Pinterest from these was “in our crosshairs from the outset”.
The categories have even become more nuanced and implicit and focus on moods rather than industries. For example, ‘Positive’ ‘Relevant’ and ‘Visually Appealing’ are now options as well as ‘Interior’ ‘Makeup’ and ‘Food’.  

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