Photographer Brad Walls Presents His Latest Series of Pandemic Inspired Photographs in “Detached, in Harmony”


In his latest project “Detached, in Harmony” Brad Walls releases a series of photographs that draw inspiration from the pandemic and 40s fashion photography. Known for his works ‘water geomaids’ and ‘pools from above’ the photographer explores the concepts of repetition and negative space in the latest project. 

The unusual choice for the conceptual shots helps represent the emotional distance that was experienced by the artist during the covid-19 pandemic. 

The project received 2nd place in the 2021 Fine Art Photography Awards ‘Conceptual’ category. The artist currently plans to exhibit ‘Detached, in Harmony’ in a solo exhibition in 2022.

Check out the ‘Detached, in Harmony’ project on his website.


Detached, in Harmony”
Photographer:  brad walls


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