Grooming and lifestyle brand Manscaped has tapped comedian Pete Davidson for a four-year brand partnership deal making Davidson both the brand’s ambassador and one of its shareholders.

The four-year agreement will see the “Saturday Night Live” star appear in sketches, campaigns and other marketing activations tailored to the male grooming brand. The partnership was announced in a 30-second spot where Davidson ad-libs while showing off Manscaped products like The Lawn Mower 4.0.

The marketer has picked a colourful personality in Davidson, who, outside of his work in entertainment, has drawn media attention for his dating life and personal style, which has been dubbed “scum bro” by some fashion blogs – whatever that means!

Manscaped aims to tap into a “vast, cult-like fanbase” that values Davidson’s candour and willingness to address taboo subjects, per the release. The commercial unveiling of the partnership depicts Davidson in a black silk bathrobe riffing on the importance of men grooming their private areas. His jokes contain swears, but the curse words are bleeped out. I guess they’re going for a scruffy-groomed look which, as is the aim for most brands today, balances the line between relatable and aspirational.

Davidson’s presence supports a broader messaging strategy that champions below-the-belt grooming with humour and puns. Manscaped, which was founded in 2016, has other partnerships that have tried to shore up a comical yet relatable appeal with male consumers, including a long-running sponsorship of the UFC.

However, it isn’t quite clear yet exactly what Davidson will do for Manscaped beyond appearing in ads aren’t quite clear at the moment, though a press release nods to the comedian’s love of tattoos and suggests those could factor into the partnership.

Manscaped in November struck an agreement with Bright Lights Acquisition to go public via a SPAC deal valued at $1 billion. The SPAC craze has imploded since then and broader macroeconomic conditions continue to worsen, stoking fears of a recession.

The main question is; will the big budget move lead to big bucks for Manscaped? Securing a long-term celebrity endorsement could indeed help Manscaped generate more widespread recognition ahead of its public debut. The pick of Davidson also firms up a positioning around edgy humour, which has been central to the brand’s strategy to date.

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