Why is “brand” such a buzzword for modern freelancers and is branding yourself really that essential? The answer is yes. Yes if you want to build your network. Yes if you want to make revenue. Yes if you want to build a name for yourself within your industry – whether niche or broad. The reason branding yourself is so important is that…

  1. It makes it easier to know where to market your services and who to market to.
  2. It makes it easier for clients to know exactly what you offer and what you’ve worked on in the past.
  3. It makes admin easier for yourself because all your services and information is streamlined under your brand name.
  4. Good branding will help you stand out amidst other freelancers in your industry (this is particularly important as 2020 has seen a rise in freelance work due to the coronavirus pandemic).

The best way to approach personal branding is to follow this 3 part formula:

  1. Visuals
  2. Voice
  3. Resources


Due to the pandemic, an already digitalised world has grown even more dependent on technology and digital interaction. For this reason, freelancers should ensure to present a coherent and aesthetic visual of their brand and to communicate it via various social media platforms. Visuals aren’t just limited to your logo, your colour board and font should also present a sense of consistency. They should be bold and uncomplicated simultaneously. Your imagery should also be considered. Try using the same filter on any pictures shared and ensure that they are thematic.


The way in which you communicate with your clients is crucial in building professional relationships and securing more work in the future. You want to adopt a tone that is professional yet accessible. Avoid using a lot of jargon as this may put clients off. When you’re considering your brand voice, the first thing you want to bear in mind is who it is you’re targeting. Adapt your voice to best approach that demographic. Once you have developed your voice it should be consistently displayed on all platforms from your website to emails to your social media.


Resources refer to your go-to methods of working. This refers to how you onboard clients and where you market your services. For example, do you have a specific welcome pack to send out to clients and is this branded with visuals? What is your guide to submitting projects? What is the specific way in which you bill clients and is this clearly and appropriately communicated? These things are essential because they are what entice your clients to work with you.

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