In its first outdoor ads, women’s social networking app, Peanut, acknowledges the difficulties women face around Mother’s Day, which this year falls on March 27 in the U.K. 

In a recent study, Peanut found that 3 in 5 women find Mother’s Day emotionally triggering. “For those who are fighting with fertility, grieving baby loss, coming to terms with motherhood or grieving the loss of their own mothers, Mother’s Day is complex in a way that no card or box of chocolates can capture” states the app on its website. 

Inspired by real-life Mother’s Day struggles shared by the Peanut community, this campaign aims to “shine a light on these struggles, normalise the conversation and let women know they’re not alone.”

Peanut aims to be a safe space to meet women nearby and have conversations about meaningful topics about sex, IVF, pregnancy, first years, midlife and beyond. It has over 2.5 million people using the app.

Here are some excerpts from the Peanut community unpacking how different women find Mother’s Day to be a challenging time: 

“When we were desperately trying to conceive I found it hard seeing pics of all the other mums with their babies celebrating the day, praying it would be me one day.” – Hollie.

“Because I’ve lost 7 children now through pregnancy loss, Mother’s day reminds me how they’re not here and something is missing. I have two living children and they are my world, but it doesn’t stop me thinking about the ones I’ve lost.” – Anne-Marie.

“I lost my mum a few years ago to cancer. Mother’s Day reminds me of all the times I missed her, especially when I had my own daughter and I was struggling with mental health and had no one to turn to, no one to talk to, no one to adore my little one. So it’s very hard, always.” – Warda. 

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