In a bold move to redefine the landscape of content creation partnerships, Passionfroot, the innovative platform committed to nurturing content creators, proudly introduces Discovery as an integral facet of Passionfroot for Partners.

After dedicating years to refining a product designed to empower creators on their journey to sustainable livelihoods, Passionfroot has discerned two vital needs within the creator ecosystem: the necessity for efficient business management and the hunger for expanding collaborations with sponsors.

The entrepreneurial journey is fraught with challenges, a perpetual battle for ambitious founders and growth teams striving to meet metrics and milestones. Enter Discovery, Passionfroot’s response to this ceaseless struggle for growth. Whether it’s sales-led, product-led, or creator-led, Passionfroot aims to make this journey smoother for teams navigating from seed to IPO, tapping into the power of creator-led growth. Here are the key features:


Passionfroot gives you a workspace where you can search for creators to promote your product and drill-down by platform, reach, audience, price, and much more. No more sifting through separate platforms or using 3rd party search apps.


Once you’ve set your requirements, you can quickly evaluate each creator’s channels, stats, audience directly from your workspace – making the evaluation phase one centralized experience.


Once you find the creator who’s audience matches your brand – simply submit a request directly in their storefront. Yes, no more cold DMs or emails to agencies. At the click of a button you get a direct line to the creator. Furthermore, because all creators on Passionfroot run their business in Passionfroot – you get replies – fast.


The product isn’t just a database of emails – it helps you deliver excellent collabs – on time. Once your request is accepted you’ll have an inbox, to-do list and automated workflow that takes you from requests to creative briefing to payment in a breeze.


That’s it – launch your campaigns at scale and watch your brand grow!

Sign up here to get early access for free until the end of 2023!

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